Have you ever felt a dandelion break away under your fingers as your toes find footing under a sky that blooms sun on buttercups which make your chin the earth for one tiny second The grass springs as shells crack to stones that hurt your feet as they dash for the ocean whose waves play with light like your hands play with bodies that fall weightlessly in their breath Kiss me on the neck as the morning kisses goodbye to the night whose echoes traced the outline of echoes We repeat time and time over as a butterfly waits for a bird to guid it to stars that shine on a ceiling protecting a girl in dreams Soft love in warm milk and music that moves a body across a kitchen to the space between us Float upon a subway where tracks look to the brightness of lips smiling to a boy who smiles into eyes seeing possibilities dissolve like heartbeats in rain Fingers in thighs in the accidental accumulation of ourselves A scent falls upon a pink breeze carried from a cliff to a coffin A giggle out of place and a snowflake washed up on sand The last noise that circles like a feeling roaming for a space in emptiness Did we miss our footing on a stairway Jump and be forgotten but don’t forget the wind against a cigarette in autumn Yes we were right to laugh when we could for the tide was creeping  the tide has crept upon shores that are slipping                  Breathe                                  Your fingers break the skin of a daisy whose flesh feels like your mother’s breast against your                                        body: birth


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